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Appointing a social media officer

Posted on 25 June '14 by , under Web.

Even small businesses who are seeking to enhance their online presence should have a dedicated social media officer. While this may sound like overkill, there are many advantages to having a single person overseeing your social media strategy.

It will ensure that the tone of your social media updates is consistent, and will also mean that your different social media platforms are not repeating and/or contradicting each other. Most importantly, having a dedicated social media manager will mean that your social media activity is a well-thought out strategy, as opposed to a series of disjointed posts.

This may be a responsibility that you choose to take on yourself; after all you know your business the best. However, if social media is not your forte, or you simply don’t have time to commit to such an undertaking, it can be an excellent opportunity for one of your employees to take on some new responsibilities, and hopefully achieve some impressive results.