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Developing a positive and productive business culture

Posted on 12 October '15 by , under General News.

Business culture is not often acknowledged in our everyday conversations. Rather, it is ingrained in our daily workplace habits and routines.

Business culture is usually fostered by senior management to employees through communication styles, workplace structure and environment, as well as employee responsibilities and expectations. Businesses with a healthy culture usually benefit from high levels of productivity and employee satisfaction. Some characteristics of strong workplace cultures include:

Communication at the forefront
Strong communication skills are necessary to develop a healthy business culture. Good communication often results in efficient and effective work, relationship building and decreased task ambiguity, leading to higher performance levels. Honest and clear directions can provide employees with greater task clarity and overall expectations to consider.

Strong diversification of employee qualities
A diverse team can offer a range of perspectives and attitudes towards areas such as problem-solving, decision-making and approaches to creativity and innovation. Although sharing similar viewpoints is important to maintain vision; incorporating differing personalities helps to develop a culture that is open to new ideas and hence greater innovation.

Advocacy of employee feedback
Listening to the opinions and needs of staff can help generate a positive and highly productive workplace. Using two-way feedback is a great way to involve the employees opinions, gaining further insight into what is and isn’t working. Employee involvement leads to healthy workplace culture and higher chances of long-term employee retainment.