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Developing talent within a business

Posted on 8 July '15 by , under General News.

Developing talent in the workplace can be cost-effective and save a business time in the long-term.

However, many employers tend to neglect this aspect of business improvement. They may not have time to implement development programs or they may only be focusing on what is needed now, instead of in the future.

But dedicating a few hours each week to develop, improve and extend the knowledge and skills of junior staff members can deliver significant benefits to both the employees and the business. Below are three simple ways employers can begin developing talent within their business.

1. Maintain the value of learning

Encourage employees to go further than just focusing on achieving business goals. Ensure they acknowledge both the outcome and the learning that occurred in the process of completing their project. Then discuss how they can apply their new knowledge to future business projects. Leaders should also be honest about their need to learn, and share how with their employees.

2. Create systems to support development

Assign employees, such as managers, to coach and develop other employees in different areas. It is important for employees to be self-aware and know their weaknesses so that they can track their progress.

3. Reinforce business values

Employees should be able to link their everyday tasks and responsibilities to the values in the business. Those who lack an understanding of their job role will struggle to find the motivation and dedication to complete tasks.