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Improving business productivity

Posted on 10 March '15 by , under General News.

The easiest way to improve business productivity is to empower your staff to be more efficient and enthusiastic in their approach to work. If every staff member can make an improvement in their area, the overall output of your business will benefit. Here are our top tips for helping your staff to improve their performance:

1. Encourage planning: The more that people plan out their time and schedule tasks, the more likely they will be to identify opportunities for improving efficiency.

2. Schedule meetings at convenient times: If you are scheduling meeting that conflict with people’s workflow, you may actually be undermining their productivity. You should think about who really needs to be in each meeting, because valuable time can be wasted having staff members in meetings that are not relevant to their responsibilities.

3. Encourage exercise: Numerous studies have shown that people who are physically fit are better able to apply themselves in other areas of life. Regular exercise is also good for general mental health. Encourage your staff to get active by suggesting a ride to work day, or lunchtime walks.