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Improving employee performance

Posted on 15 November '16 by , under General News.

Since employee performance can directly correlate with job satisfaction, retention and productivity it pays to invest in improving performance.

A few simple tweaks can dramatically improve employee performance. Here are five ways to commit to improving morale and performance:

  • Set clear expectations

Communicating clear goals and expectations is essential in ensuring employees work towards common goals and understand how their contributions will help achieve these goals. Setting clear expectations help to keep your employees engaged and accountable.

  • Provide regular feedback

Regular, informal feedback can provide employees with clarification on how well they are performing tasks, what areas require improvement and how their work influences others in the workplace.

  • Reward and incentivise

Rewards and incentives can help motivate staff as it shows you appreciate and recognise their efforts. Highlighting individual contributions and achievements through monetary and non-monetary rewards helps employees to feel valued and therefore, more motivated to perform to their potential.

  • Conduct performance reviews

The annual performance review plays an important role in employee morale – it can help align employee goals with the business’ goals, address performance issues and work on strategies for improvement such as further training.

  • Focus on career development

Invest in career opportunities, such as education and training, to help your staff work towards their short and long-term career goals. Dedicate time to working out your employee’s career goals and skills and consider internal recruiting before filling a role with an external candidate.