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Marketing on LinkedIn

Posted on 3 December '14 by , under General News.

LinkedIn is the standout social media platform for B2B marketing. It is a great way to attract new business, network, and share interesting ideas. LinkedIn has a lot of features that you can use to your advantage. Here are a few tips for maximising the effectiveness of your LinkedIn marketing strategy:

Make a company page: A lot of business owners only have a personal LinkedIn account. This is a big mistake. If you create a company page, it will help you to establish a presence on LinkedIn and will allow your employees to connect with customers more easily.

Put some effort into your content: Posting engaging content is the best way to take advantage of your LinkedIn account. People will admire your expertise and appreciate the interesting material.

Be interactive: By interacting with others on LinkedIn you will build your network quickly. You should always respond to requests for endorsements and comment on other people’s material.