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Time-saving social media templates

Posted on 22 June '15 by , under General News.

The maintenance of a business’s social media can either make or break a brand. Typically, a social media strategy plan follows the structure of creating a page, posting information and gaining followers. However, this does not always guarantee success.

Social media templates are designed to save time, and can help a business operate a successful social media page. Templates can help keep content creative, organised and up to date.

Editorial templates
Editorial templates can help a business keep track of their social media ideas and plans. The tool addresses aspects such as publishing posts, the focus of the posts, whether the posts will include multimedia or if they will include links to other blogs or pages.

Content calendar templates
A content calendar can track the web content posted. It also includes easy-to-read columns to show what’s working and what’s not. A content calendar can keep a business aware of aspects like what copy has been clicked on the most, what accounts are posted on too much and which stories aren’t getting traffic.

Media strategy templates
These documents can help guide the purpose behind a business’s online presence. A good social media strategy plan outlines your goals like what a business wants to achieve through social media and if accounts and profiles accurately represent the brand.

Profile aesthetic templates
A business’s social media presence is only as good as the impression it gives. Businesses may need image templates to arrange and update social media images or consider trying out a colour scheme and sticking to it. Keep things clean, professional, and modern.