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Understanding your business’s trajectory on social media

Posted on 5 February '15 by , under General News.

We all hear about how important it is for businesses to be on social media. The notion that if you’re not marketing yourself on social media platforms you’re not really in the competition is commonplace, and advisors will throw all sorts of statistics out to prove this point.

However, many small business owners find themselves attempting to kick-start a social media presence, only to discover that it’s hard than it looks. Detailed below are the three basic stages of social media marketing that every business should be aiming for. Understanding these stages can make starting your social media accounts a little less daunting and can also illustrate how success can be achieved step by step.

1. Audience: Simply building up your audience so that when you get into your serious marketing, you’re actually speaking to potential customers!

2. Engage: You need to engage with audiences on social media. Remember, it is a very different platform to print, radio or television.

3. Convert: Convert your social media marketing into sales or click throughs! Success!