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Working with toxic partners

Posted on 10 August '15 by , under General News.

Not getting along with someone at work is old news. But having a hostile relationship with your partner or business associate can seriously affect your productivity, confidence and innovation in the office.

Having to work with coworkers who behave badly in the workplace can be difficult, but here are three tips to help survive working with them:

Try to emphathise: Approach your partner using empathy to try and find out why they may be behaving nastily. Perhaps their behaviour is due to circumstances out of their control. Determine any trigger situations or behaviours to make sure you are not contributing to their behaviour.

Record their behaviour: Keep a log of your coworkers misdemeanours, and don’t forget to be specific and include dates and times. Monitoring the environment can result a suitable moment to have this person moved. Until then, keep your head down and stay busy.

Work hard: If your job is one that you definitely want to stay in, then work hard and seize any opportunity to showcase your talents. Your persistence to improve may be rewarded with a promotion away from the partner. Be ready to switch if the opportunity strikes.