OUR NEW PAPER-LESS OFFICE - Introducing our Nimbus Client Portal

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2020

We are always changing how we do things to make everything, not only easier, but also change how we impact the environment.

This financial year we are going even more digital than before.


We have launched a new program called Nimbus Portal Solutions. This allows each of you to have your own client login.


You will have access to:

Previous Tax Returns
Digital Signing of the engagement letter, Tax Returns and BAS's
All New and prior Newsletters
Fact Sheets
Conversations with your accountant
High level security without those unsecured emails

Upon booking your appointment, one of our staff members will invite you to the Nimbus Portal Solutions with a Welcome Email.

This email will include information regarding how to access your portal with your own secure login, accessing your documents and how you can share files with us.

We can't wait to share this with you - So ensure you keep an eye out for your Welcome email upon booking

Coming to your inbox soon....

p.s if you wish to skip the queue you can log into your client portal now - send us an email at [email protected] and request your welcome email.


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