Changing Accountants

Did you know it is easy to change your accountant?

You don't need to wait for the end of the year, or until a BAS is done, or until tax is sorted out.  Your new accountant has the skills to do all of those things.

If you are looking for a new accountant there is something that is not working with your current accountant.  What is that?

Are they late in responding to messages?  Do they talk too quickly or not with enough detail?  Do you constantly have to chase them up to lodge your forms?  A traditional accountant will make sure that you are billed for every bit of time that you use of theirs - so are you getting a heap of bills?

At Northwest Accountancy we have a package that we can offer you that covers your support.  We make sure your forms are scheduled in and lodged on time, and we check in and make sure that you and your business are doing OK.

It's easy to change accountants.  Just contact your new one (us?) and they will do the...

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