Taking Care of your money

money bucket save Feb 10, 2021

Did you know that when you take care of your money, it takes care of you?

When you have a purpose for your cash - you don't waste it on frivolous items?

 What's your plan for your money?  For the staff in our office - holidays and new caravans, cameras and to retire early.

 For us as a business - always having enough money put aside for a BAS and those surprise bills that always pop up when we least expect it.


If we haven't allocated money for a specific purpose, then we tend to just spend it...  that's part of Parkinson's Law - the more you have the more you use - whether that's time, money, cupboards in your house....

We recommend the "bucket" approach to banking - where each bucket (or bank account - please don't actually keep your money in a bucket!) has a specific purpose that you use that money for.

 As an example, for my (jodi's) home banking, I have a bank account set up for the regos and insurances - those things that are once a...

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