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Avoiding fake advertising

Any advert that contains misleading information or a statement that is untrue can lead your business into serious legal problems. There are both federal and state laws in place to regulate false advertising, and the penalties can be severe. Businesses can be held responsible for false advertising, regardless of whether or not they were aware that the information they presented was incorrect and/or misleading.

For these reasons, it is  imperative that you verify every single statement made in your advertising, including any copy you post on your website or social media accounts. Charges of false advertising have been on the rise as consumer activity increasingly shifts online.  Here are some basic guidelines for avoiding false advertising.

– Do not slander your competitors. If you are comparing prices or products, be certain that your information is up to date and accurate

-Be aware that some terminology has a specific meaning that may lead you into legal trouble. For example, fireproof and fire resistant indicate extremely different levels of protection.

-Ensure that you disclose any restrictive terms and conditions

-Be aware that you need to stock an adequate supply of the advertised item, taking into consideration the increased demand that you are likely to experience as a result of your advertisement. If there is a limited supply available, this should be clearly stated in the advertisement

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Commercial leases

There are several issues that you should always be addressed before signing a commercial lease. If there is a right or obligation that is not detailed in the lease then it may lead to conflict between your business and your landlord. Some checkpoints include:
-How much signage you’re allowed to put up and where
-Use of facilities such as toilets that may be shared with other businesses (if your lease is in a complex)
-Car parking for both staff and visitors
-Access to the premises outside of business hours
-An exclusivity of trade clause. This will protect you against having a direct competitor set up within your immediate vicinity.
-An option for renewal at the end of your commercial lease

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