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Hiring Graduates

Hiring recent university graduates is a great way to bring fresh ideas and energy to your business. Other advantages include the potential to shape their work habits to suit your company and the possibility that they will have some exciting technical skills to offer. Graduates also have far lower salary expectations, meaning that they can be an affordable source of talent.

Here are some tips for recruiting top tier graduates:

1. Show them what the role involves
Throughout the recruitment process, you should be aiming to show potential recruits why working for you is in their best interests. Being able to give them a crystal clear understanding of what the role will entail will go a long way in boosting your credentials.

2. Hold group interviews early on
Group interviews are a time efficient way to assess the interpersonal skills that are so crucial to a successful professional life. You will quickly be able to get a feel for their natural aptitude, communication abilities and capacity to work as a team.

3. Clearly demonstrate the potential for career progression
The number one thing that graduates are looking for in their first job is an opportunity for career progression. You should explain what the different options for them within the company would be, and also aim to demonstrate why experience with you will look great on their future CV.

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Offering staff flexible working hours

There are many advantages to offering your staff the option of having more flexible working hours. It can play a significant role in reducing your staff turnover and also result in your staff being more motivated and productive. Flexible working hours can be particularly beneficial for staff who are attempting to juggle work and family commitments.

There are many different ways that you can try to accommodate your staff by allowing them increased flexibility. For example, if they have children who need to be picked up after school, then you could allow them to leave early several days a week in exchange for doing some hours at home. Allowing two employees to share a full-time role is another option worth investigating, and can be advantageous to employers as they will benefit from having double the creative input (where it is relevant to the role).

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Reducing your staff turnover

A high rate of staff turnover is a serious issue for many businesses. There are many disadvantages to regularly losing staff members. It can disrupt the continuity of your customer service, wastes time and resources on retraining, and often brings about significant recruitment costs to your business.

There is no question that it is in your best interests to retain talented people. So what can you do to make continuing employment with your business a more attractive option?

Offering staff the possibility of career progression is important, because in general the more talented the employee, the more ambitious they will be. Getting remuneration packages right is also key to retaining staff. You should always try to be aware of what constitutes a competitive salary package, and reimburse staff accordingly.

If a staff member asks you for a pay rise, it is normal to be hesitant. However, you should seriously consider what additional costs you may incur if you lose this employee, as it may actually be in your best financial interests to give them that little bit extra.

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Managing complaints

Allowing your staff members a clear avenue to express any complaints they may have is beneficial for a number of reasons. It will mean that you are in touch with what is happening in levels or departments of your business that you do not deal with on a day to day basis. Another advantage is that your staff will feel empowered and that management hears their concerns. This is likely to improve overall job satisfaction and promote a positive workplace culture.

Here are some tips for managing complaints:

-The system for dealing with complaints should have a clearly outlined time frame in which each complaint must be addressed

-You should always avoid entering into an argument with an employee who is presenting you with a complaint

-You need to gather your facts carefully and impartially. Let you employee know when they can expect a response from you

-Thank the employee for being open with you and encourage them to keep the lines of communication open in the future

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Offering staff career development

One of the most common reasons for job dissatisfaction is staff feeling that their current role does not offer any options for career progression. This can lead to poor motivation that in turn can bring about underperformance.

For larger organisations, it is easy to offer people promotions and options for career development, whereas smaller businesses may not have the structural capacity to offer such incentives. There are, however, still a number of things you can do to allow your staff to learn new skills and take on additional responsibilities.

You can assign a staff member a specific project that will be their sole responsibility. It is important that when you give them this job you make the advantages clear. You can outline the different skills and achievements that they will be able to add to their resume. Emphasise that you have chosen them for this role because you have faith that they will be capable of completing it with flying colours.

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