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There's so many resources out there that it is hard to know when to stop researching and start making decisions.  Stop wasting your time googling and start investing your time wisely.

 Jodi Porteous and her team at Northwest Accountancy have curated a series of videos & resources so that you can learn and implement to make better decisions for your business.

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How to lodge your own BAS in Xero


If you use Xero and want to learn how to lodge your own BAS, this is the session for you.

Learn how to connect with the ATO, and what reports and checks you need to do before you lodge.


How to lodge your own BAS in MYOB


If you use MYOB AccountRight, and want to learn how to lodge your own BAS, this session is for you.

Learn which reports you need to run and check before you lodge.

How to check your Bank Reconciliations

Has your accountant asked you to co your bank reconciliations but you don't know what that means?
Follow through the steps to make sure you know what to do.

 Videos for both Xero and MYOB.

Creating an EASY business Budget

Ever taken hours to get a budget that was inaccurate at the start?

If you simplify your finances into expenses, asset investment, taxes and loan repayments, it will make budgeting a bit easier.

Business Structures

The pros and cons of setting up a Company, Trust, Partnership and sole trader.

Find out why business structures are not a "one size fits all" and why you need professional advice to set up the correct structure for your business.

Learn some of the stories of paying more tax than necessary, of being able to share income, figure out what's right for your family and what needs to happen in each stage of life of your business.

Payroll Review - MYOB

Get ready for your Single Touch Payroll Finalisation by running through all of the areas you need to check before you submit.

This example will be run on MYOB so you can follow along and see how to run the reports and what to look for, so that you can lodge your STP finalisation correctly the first time.

Finalising payroll correctly is a responsibility that doesn't come lightly, so get the correct advice, checklist and words of wisdom to make sure you are doing it right.

How to Review Payroll Setup - XERO 


If you employ staff it is a big responsibility.

Check your payroll setup before 30th June to make your Payroll End of Year Finalisations nice and easy.

Be guided through what to look at, what's important to check before end of financial year.

Run through the checklist that our office uses to check our client payroll records to ensure that all is correct before you submit to the ATO.


Review your Chart of Accounts - MYOB

When you are reading your reports, do they make sense?

Learn how to update your chart of accounts in MYOB, to make reading your reports easier, and provide a more streamlined way to do data entry.

Save time. 

Understand more about your business and what to expect of your reports.

End Of Month Checks

A good bookkeeper will check the end of month reports for you.  Here's how to do it and what to look for.

(examples in XERO but are transferrable to other software too)

Review your reports to make sure they are accurate and you can make good decisions.  Early detection of errors is key to fixing them quickly.


What is Profit First?

This session will explain the concepts of Profit First, and the first steps you need to do to implement in your own business.

Set up a profit account in your business (and a tax account too if you don't have one) and start to make REAL profits in your business.

Resolve your cashflow issues by allocating funds to different bank accounts for different purposes so you can make good decisions in your business.


Tax Planning Meetings

Does your accountant offer tax planning sessions?
Here's a run through of the key concepts that a Tax Planning meeting should address, and see which reports we look at and why.

Review if your business is ready for tax time and find out if you have enough money stashed away to pay your income tax.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes and structures - sole traders, companies, trusts and partnerships.

Fringe Benefits Tax - does it apply to your business?


Run through the checklist to see whether you pay any non-cash benefits to your employees, and the information required to submit to calculate the FBT return.

Hear some of the tips on how to avoid paying Fringe Benefits Tax.

For Business Owners, bookkeepers, small business, employers.

Buying Vehicles - things to know and look out for

Are you thinking about purchasing a new vehicle in your business?

Let's look at financing a vehicle vs paying cash outright.
Car depreciation limits and what counts as a car vs a trade vehicle.
Offering vehicles to employees to drive - FBT risks.

And for the bookkeeper - how to enter a new vehicle purchase into MYOB.