Making TAX easy for you

Let our experienced tax accountants help you prepare your tax return quickly and efficiently.  Don't waste time and effort doing it yourself and get it wrong.  Don't get caught by the ATO claiming something you shouldn't.

Book Your Phone Appointment


1. Book your Phone Appointment.

2. Prepare your documents by using the checklist and worksheets on this page.

3. Prepare for your appointment by loading up any documents we need with your Nimbus Portal Tax Questionnaire we send before your appointment.

4. We will call you at your appointment time to finalise the return and send through for signing electronically.

5. Once signed, and our fee has been paid we will lodge your tax return.

6. Your refund should come through in approximately 14 days (subject to ATO Processing).  Check your Nimbus Portal login for ATO correspondence.

Book your phone appointment time here:

Be Prepared

Make sure you have all of your information ready before you attend your appointment.  Download your checklist here.

Download Checklist

Rental Properties

If you own a rental property, use this spreadsheet to summarise your income and costs, and submit to us on your Nimbus form instead of all of the receipts.

Download Rental worksheet

Work Related Costs

If you have multiple receipts, you may want to total them in this spreadsheet instead of importing all of the receipts into Nimbus.

Download Summary worksheet

Capital Gains Tax

This spreadsheet outlines the information you are required to keep for Capital Gains Tax Calculations purposes.  This includes links & information if you have sold Rio Tinto employee shares.

Download CGT worksheet

Using our Nimbus Portal

To get ready for your appointment, we will ask you to fill in a tax questionnaire before your appointment time.  Please ensure this is done at least 24 hours before your appointment time.

Our secure server is here to protect your private information.  We don't want your identity stolen because you have emailled your personal details to us.

Upload all your documents ready for tax time and we will access it when preparing your tax return.

Save time by getting a professional to do the job

Using a professional to prepare your tax return means that you have the experience of someone who does hundreds of tax returns a year, not just one.  This means they know most of the answers to the questions you want to know.

We hate jargon too - so we will try to answer your questions without confusing you.

Claim the right things!


We know all of the things you can claim based on your occupation, and the investments you have.  

We will help tell you what records you need to keep in case you might get audited. 

Reduce the risk of being audited by claiming exactly what you can claim.

Use our Nimbus Client Portal to save your documents so you know exactly where they are in case of an audit.  Click to access client only resources available to help you find information without trawling through the ATO website.


Remember: your login code is generally your email address

Access your Nimbus Portal login

Not sure if a phone appointment is for you?

Choose from a Face-to-face appointment, where you come into the office and sit with one of our friendly professional staff members in Karratha.


Or maybe a Drop off Checklist will suit you?  Fill in the checklist and upload all of the documents we need and we will get your tax done within 14 days of receiving all information.

Alternatively, do your own and book in a Check My Tax session.


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