Taking Care of your money

money bucket save Feb 10, 2021

Did you know that when you take care of your money, it takes care of you?

When you have a purpose for your cash - you don't waste it on frivolous items?

 What's your plan for your money?  For the staff in our office - holidays and new caravans, cameras and to retire early.

 For us as a business - always having enough money put aside for a BAS and those surprise bills that always pop up when we least expect it.


If we haven't allocated money for a specific purpose, then we tend to just spend it...  that's part of Parkinson's Law - the more you have the more you use - whether that's time, money, cupboards in your house....

We recommend the "bucket" approach to banking - where each bucket (or bank account - please don't actually keep your money in a bucket!) has a specific purpose that you use that money for.

 As an example, for my (jodi's) home banking, I have a bank account set up for the regos and insurances - those things that are once a year, and can be easily forgotten and a huge bill shock if you are not ready for it!

 Take care of your money and don't waste it - and it will take care of you.

If you want to learn some of the money management skills that you "should" have learnt at school, but didn't, then take a look at our More Money In Your Pocket  (formerly Successful Money Management) course.  It's designed for families to watch the videos, and run through the workbook together, to get a plan together for your money.

What's different?  We now have ongoing support calls, to make sure that you are learning the skills, asking the questions and implementing to get great results for your family.  And the price - until 30th June 2021, you can sign up for the first run of support calls starting in July, at only $38 per month!  This course (without support) was previously valued at $950 so jump in before the prices jump up again!


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