We understand Not For Profits

Living in a small community means that we are all in touch with multiple not for profits every day.  We love our community of Karratha, and love to support in however we can.

Just because you operate a not for Profit, it does not mean you have to spend all of your money.  Talk to us about how to set up a cash management system to help make budgeting and running your not for profit easier.

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Prepare for Audit

Unfortunately we are not auditors, so we can't audit your books.  We do provide a service that checks your books and prepares the financial statements before it goes to audit, and we help liaise with your auditor to get it all right.

Community Fund

We use the Profit First system in our business to put a percentage of our income aside for the community.  Apply below for community funding, or learn about the Profit First system and how it can help all board members understand the cash position of the organisation.

Understanding Financial Statements for Not-For-Profit Organisations

Workshop that is recommended for Board members and Treasurers, CEOs and Managers of Not for Profits. This gives you more understanding about financial statements, board roles and responsibilities.

Apply for a community funding donation.

We love Karratha!  And we want to support our local not for profits, and businesses doing good things.  
Submit your details below to apply for funding, and if it meets the criteria then we will be in touch!

Do you need help with bookkeeping or Financial reporting?  Or want to know more about Profit First and how it can work for your Not-For-Profit?

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