Profit First Success Story

“We have been using Profit First in our business for nearly 2 years and by splitting out all of the money to different accounts, we know exactly what the money is for.  I love that every time the BAS is due, I always have enough money in the tax account.  If I don’t have enough money in the expenses account to pay bills, I jump on the phone and make a few calls to clients to bring in the money quicker, and then I have enough to pay the bills, and it tops up the other accounts too.

I love that I can see our profit account grow, and we can use that money to reduce debt or swap out vehicles that need replacing. We thought it would be a struggle to run our small business, but using this system it isn’t a struggle at all.  We have time off regularly, and with our team beside us, we know that our business runs smoothly when we are out camping or on the boat.

Profit First is such a great way to manage your money that I introduced it to my sister-in law’s business and they are using it too.”
Mel Lucas - Northwest Air Solutions

Profit In Your Pocket - sneak peek!

What's included?

Bank Accounts setup

Each Bank Account has it's own purpose & rules.

Find out what they all mean, when you set aside money for  Profit, Tax, Operating Expenses and Owners Pay to make sure you have enough money to go around.


Core learnings from the Profit First Book

Download the first 2 chapters to get started on your Profit First journey.

Read why Mike Michalowicz founded the system and how it can help your business.


Compare your spending


See how your business spending is stacking up against others of your size.  
Watch the video to see how to calculate your Instant Assessment results - and see where you should be.



The Profit First Formula

Normally we look at your Profit and Loss Statement to see what your profit is.  

Income is at the top, then the Expenses, and what's last is the Profit.

Profit First changes this.  


The Profit First formula is:

Sales - Profit = Expenses

When we focus on our Profits, they actually happen.  And when we only use what's left to run our business, we can get just as much done with less expenses.

How can Northwest Accountancy help you with Profit First? 


For business owners who want to instantly increase profitability, smash down debt and enjoy financial freedom on a level that you never have before, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are two options to work with us to get the Profit First system working in your business.

Option 1 for the people who love to do it themselves - access the online course to learn, implement and make the changes you need to do, to get started.

Option 2 for those who need assistance with working out how the percentages work and to move towards the ideal percentages, with our Rollout Report.  Click here to make your first booking to see how we can help.

Jodi Porteous is a Certified Profit First Master and here to support you whichever option you choose.

Join Now 

After only a month you should start seeing changes

Your Business will start to make the changes it needs to:

  • Cut costs and stop buying unnecessary items.
  • Make a profit.  Keep the profit.
  • Find relief and comfort knowing that you will always have money put aside for tax.
  • Reap the rewards of spending only what you have to.
  • Pay yourself as the owner, exactly what you deserve.
  • Build profit making habits that will help create more profit over time.