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What is your missing data entry costing you?

bookkeeper training work on your biz Jan 10, 2022

What's the cost of not doing your business data entry properly?

Are you missing out on tax deductions?
Are you missing out on GST credits?

Are you losing sleep, or wasting time stressing about getting your data entry done?
Are you stressing about your tax bill because you aren't sure what your numbers are?

There's a lot of ways that "costs" occur, and they aren't all in money form.  

Doing your data entry and keeping your books up to date can provide so many benefits to you and your business.  Here's a few:

1. You know you are claiming the right tax deductions, and paying just the right amount of tax - not too much tax.

2. You can claim back the right amount of GST, to reduce your BAS payment.

3. By having a routine set to each week complete your data entry, you will be able to use the rest of your week doing the things that you can do - so schedule in a specific time each week and stick to it.  

4. If your book work isn't up to date, you may end up double-paying bills, which costs you money in the bank, plus time chasing up for a refund or a credit to your account.

5. How much better do you feel when you are organised with your finances?  The relief of having things up to date can be quite physical and emotionally rewarding.

6. No more lost sleep, worrying about when / where or what you owe for tax.

7. Scammers like to prey on the un-organised, so by keeping your books up to date, you can know if you have or haven't paid a bill, and easily check if bank details change for a supplier.


Our challenge to you... get on in and get your books up to date!
And if you aren't confident to do it all yourself, then let us know how we can help.

Our Trainer, Jodi, is available for 1:1 training sessions to get your books up to date.  This includes setting up rules, and showing you hacks for making it quicker, as well as letting you know what's OK and what's not OK when it comes to your data entry.

Our bookkeeping team is available to pick up your books and get them up to date for you (just provide us the info you have) and we can do this regularly, or whenever you need us.

This blog is intended to provide general information only and should not be construed as legal or specific tax advice for your circumstances. It is always best to get advice from a professional before you rely on anything you read on the internet.

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