What is included in the Prefill reports?

As tax agents, we have access to your Prefill reports, that is used for your tax return, either by your tax agent or by yourself on myGov.

Each year the technology gets better, and the tax office has access to more and more information, to make your tax return easier to submit.

Here's some of the information that's available on your prefill report, once it has been submitted by the provider, which may take up to a month or two after the end of financial year.

✔ Taxpayer details, such as name, residency status, addresses and date of birth.

✔ PAYG Payment summary (the old "group certificate" information - now called Single Touch Payroll income statements.

✔ Termination payout details

✔ Super income stream details

✔ Foreign employment income (if submitted)

✔ Centrelink information

✔ ATO and Bank interest received

❌ note that we don't get reported the interest you have paid - as this could be a tax deduction.

✔ Dividends from shares

✔ Employee Share Scheme information

✔ Managed Funds & Partnership Distributions

❌ note that any fees from Managed Funds generally don't show on your prefill report, so you will need this information from your Annual Tax Statement

✔ Sales of Shares and Cryptocurrency and Property

✔ Some business electronic payment systems, such as BPAY, PayPal, etc

✔ Taxable Payment Reports for contractors

✔ Tax Offset reminders

✔ Private Health Insurance details for Medicare Levy Surcharge

✔ HELP and SFSS loan details

✔ PAYG Instalments paid each quarter

✔ Personal Super contribution amounts

✔ Some prior year information, such as rental property addresses, spouse details, occupation codes, carried forward capital losses.