Making TAX easy for you to do yourself

You can do your own tax!  Especially now that the ATO provides most of the information with their prefill service.  Did you know that roughly half of the tax returns lodged by people on their own are audited?

Let our experienced tax accountants check your tax before you lodge it, and reduce the risk of an audit.


Prepare your tax return on your MyGov account, then book us in for a chat, review and quick Q&A session to make sure you have done everything right.

Check My Tax

What is our "Check My Tax" review service?

We know that you can do your own tax return, but sometimes there's a question, or some jargon in the tax return you just don't understand.  Well, we are here for you so that you can lodge your tax return confidently, knowing that you have the back up of an experienced accountant to answer your questions before you submit your tax return.

We are offering these appointments online, on zoom only, so that we can view your screen if you need. 

Now, please note that we are NOT tech support, so if you have issues with MyGov, we can't help with that. 

We expect that you have your tax return prepared and open before we jump on the call so that our time is best utilised on answering your tax questions.

We are able to answer questions about rental properties and sale of property and shares, however if you have a business, this appointment type is not appropriate for these questions.  If you have these in this year's tax, you are required to choose this in the appointment booking to allow for the extra time to cover the extra questions.

Worksheets to help you collate your data

Rental Properties

If you own a rental property, use this spreadsheet to summarise your income and costs, and submit to us on your Nimbus form instead of all of the receipts.


Download Rental worksheet

Work Related Costs

If you have multiple receipts, you may want to total them in this spreadsheet instead of importing all of the receipts into Nimbus.



Download Summary worksheet

Capital Gains Tax

This spreadsheet outlines the information you are required to keep for Capital Gains Tax Calculations purposes.  This includes links & information if you have sold Rio Tinto employee shares.

Download CGT worksheet

Book your "Check My Tax" review zoom session here:

Note - this service is paid in advance.  If you have rental properties or shares, please choose this option to allow extra time for the appointment to cover all of your questions.

Don't think you can get your tax done on your own?  

Other options for us to prepare your tax return on your behalf include a Face to Face appointment, drop off service, or a phone appointment.  For these options we will complete your tax return for you - easy!

No messing around with MyGov or trying to understand what the questions mean.

Click one of the buttons below to see if those services are right for you.

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