Training - why should you get advice from an expert?

If you work as a bookkeeper or are a part of the business and doing the bookkeeping in a small business it can feel really lonely.  If you don't have anyone to help you and guide you, check your work, or give you a place to look for an answer, then it can be all-consuming.  Or - even worse, a place to avoid.

Avoiding your bookkeeping because you are not sure what you are doing is a coping strategy.  But going and finding the right person to support you can be another.

BizSkills in Your Pocket is designed to be your support person - to help you with your research (handy links and templates) plus videos that you can watch and follow along with, that can help you with your data entry.  At Northwest Accountancy we can be your expert on call, to help you and guide you through whenever you are doing your bookkeeping.  As all training is presented virtually - you don't need to be where our office is to take advantage of this service.

Each video/ session is no more than 1 hour - we respect your time, and we also make sure that you get the most of the training!  It's jam packed with everything you need to know - from the theory, to the technical, to applying it to your bookkeeping program.  Jodi hates jargon, so likes to say it in a way that people can understand.

Check out for the listing of what is included in the BizSkills in Your Pocket Library of resources.

From 1st July there will be fortnightly sessions you can attend on zoom (before that are weekly sessions) and a support hub with templates, procedures and how-to's - for your business. 

If you use Xero or MYOB in your business, and you feel like you are wasting lots of time researching answers, or feel stuck in certain areas, consider joining in and getting the support you need.


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