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JobKeeper Payments - FAQs Jun 02, 2020
Here's some answers to some Jobkeeper payments questions.
  1. Make some money! Once you are entitled to enrol for the Jobkeeper that's the only time you need to show the 30% drop. We want you to make money - so open up your business again (if you can), get more customers and start...
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Employers - Get ready for end of year now May 26, 2020

Are you an employer?

Please check that your payroll matches before the end of financial year so that End of Year finalisation (group certificates) are run smoothly and quickly.

To find out how to do that first quick check, run a Profit and Loss report, and a payroll report for the same...

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How to process the Cash Flow Boost payments in Xero & MYOB May 12, 2020

Did your business receive the cashflow boost?
Watch Jodi as she shows you how to enter the Cashflow Boost into your Xero file or your MYOB file.


Step 1: Set up an income account.

Step 2: Enter the BAS correctly into GST and PAYG apportions.

Step 3: Enter the credit as a credit note or a...

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Excess Concessional Contributions Apr 24, 2020

 Are you wondering what an Excess Concessional Contribution is?

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Negative Gearing Myths Apr 24, 2020

Do you have a negatively geared property?

Here's some things you should know:

 - negative gearing is not a good thing

- you will only get your money back if the property increases in value

 - paying minimum loan payments will keep the property negatively geared for a long time

- you...

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